Euphoric trip to Croatia changed my life

In Croatia, where I live on  yacht, Though I am close to my family I did not spend time with my family members as I was running for them and was busy about earning for them. I did not realise that they were expecting me to be with them more than I earn for them. No one has told me anything about this and I was mad about money for my family. I was working in a tight schedule that I speak with them seldom as i was busy on my work 24/7. I did not care my health; I just say hi to them while eating with them and say good night to them before I go to sleep. They were in tears many days but I failed to sense what was happening in them about me. They wanted to see me as a person than machine as I was working like machine that runs for something.

Once they planned for touring I was reluctant as I had many deadlines in my office and the work was too hectic. But as they were compelling me I just said okay and arranged everything for them with the help of my friend who knows a tour planner. After finalizing the place they were super happy that they chose Croatia. Actually they chose the place as they found it as the one of best beach destination. Their plan was to spend quality time with me on the sea shore but without knowing anything I was just thinking about my work besides planning and purchasing for them for this trip. My goodness!!! Only after reaching Croatia and visiting the serene beaches and places I was awestruck and found that what they were looking for and they had it as best as they could. I don’t have words to say it I had best day with them and they think that they enjoyed the best time with me.

My friend’s birthday celebration on a yacht in Croatia

My friend’s birthday was nearing so we planned to celebrate it as excitingly as possible therefore we planned for a trip. We altogether searched for a better place to visit and to celebrate the birthday. When it comes to birthday celebration everyone use to select a place which is famous for celebration, party, entertainment and etc. But we do not want to choose such place and we want to visit a different place. Therefore we chose Croatia which is a beautiful country with long coastlines, islands and many historic towns. I thought none of my friends will accept this place for our trip but surprisingly all of them have agreed. So we packed our bags and moved to Croatia. We have arranged our accommodation in Pula which is a coastline city. Then we went to Split where we chartered a yacht, it was Bavaria 36, quite new, charter was really cheap. I loved this yacht from the very beginning. It was our 2nd charter in Croatia by Velmundi, I recommend their yachts, service and best Croatian customer experience.

Our Yacht in Croatia

It was the first day of our trip and we planned for a yacht charter. We purchased a cake and hire a yacht to travel into the sea. Since it was early in the morning, the view around the sea was very pleasant. When we moved into the sea for a particular distance, we asked our yacht driver to stop the yacht. Then the birthday boy cut the cake and we smeared cake over each other. We gave a piece of cake to our yacht driver. Meanwhile we have taken many photos and it was a great experience and my friend was very happy and excited. He thanked us for such a different birthday arrangement.
Then we moved back to the seashore, said bye to our yacht driver and visited a restaurant for lunch. We chose some sea foods and we made our friend to pay the bill. Since it was his birthday we want him to pay the amount. After the lunch, we roamed around the city and visited many places. We went to amphitheatre at evening and we watched an interesting play with massive number of people in the auditorium.

On our second day, we packed our things and moved to split which is also a coastal area. Since it is far away from Pula, we took flight to reach the place in the short period of time. Once we landed in Split, we went to a hotel and booked a room then we left our things there and came out to roam around. First we visited the important places in the city and then one of friends gave the idea of sun bathing. So we moved to the sea shore and spend some time there. Since it was an afternoon, we felt too hot to be there. So we jumped into the sea and played for some time. Surprisingly we could see the sunset since we were in the seashore. We did not think about that but accidently we were supposed to see such wonderful happening. 
The feel that we had in that time was beyond description. We have seen sunset many times and in many places but we have not seen such beautiful sunset anywhere. It was a great way to complete our day in Split. Many people in the seashore were saying something in the Croatia (Croatian) language and enjoying the scenery.