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My first international trip with my better half and it was ecstatic

I have not had touring experience to international and same for my wife too. She has not seen any foreign countries so far. After some discussion we planned for touring to some interesting place that we have not see yet. Actually we were planning for some destinations in the local country but suddenly it struck my mind that why don’t we plan for foreign tour since it is a first tour for both of us. I don’t know whether she knows it or not, I was super happy to take her to some finest place. I was planning and discussing with various tour planners and they suggested many destinations. I was browsing regarding this and found out that most of the newly married couples have suggested Croatia.

My first international trip with my better half and it was ecstatic

Then I planned for a trip to Croatia and she was so happy to know that I take her to international trip. She was making several plans and started informing her friends that I am taking her to international trip. As soon as I finalized Croatia, I started reading many things about Croatia. As I kept on reading and seeing images about the destinations, people of Croatia and food recipes and beaches I geared up more for it and my wife started dreaming about it. It was really a great touring for us as we had our first international trip to the place that is located in the coast lines of Croatia and called as the nature’s beauty.